January 26, 2011

Artist Intro: Jack Mayberry

In my line of work, I often don't get to see rising contemporary artists.  So I'm always excited when I get introduced to someone new.  My new "obsession" is Jack Mayberry.  Mayberry is an interior designer, artist and manager of Perch in New Orleans.  I absolutely adore his work; his use of mediums and colors, textures and depth. 

 Just imagine one of these playful abstracts in a traditional-style room.  Love it!

{photos via Perch}


  1. Hi Alice, I just came across your blog & found this post on my dear friend Jack. I just showed it to him. He is so flattered! He's a humble guy so I'm thanking you on his behalf. Isn't he talented? I'm so lucky to have him in my life!
    Caroline Robert