February 15, 2011

Artist Intro: Phil Sandusky

The concept of plein-air ("outdoor") is most widely linked with the Barbizon School and Impressionist movement.  In the contemporary art world plein-air artists are reemerging- dedicating themselves back to the traditional art of painting directly from life.  Phil Sandusky is a wonderful example of a contemporary plein-air artist.  Sandusky paints from life mainly in New Orleans, where he lives and teaches, but his work also captures scenes of Atlanta, Jacksonville, New York, Charleston, etc.

Here are few of my New Orleans favorites:

After living in New Orleans for four years, his works bring me back to the everyday scenery of the city.  I just love how honest and natural each work is.  Rather than falsely glamorizing the landscape, as so many amateur artists eagerly do, Sandusky is able to capture the true essence and character of the city in each of his paintings.

Sandusky's works are available exclusively through Cole Pratt Gallery (New Orleans), Stellers Gallery (Jacksonville), and the Reinike Gallery (Atlanta).

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