June 16, 2011

Artist Intro: Todd Hunter

I ran across the vivid paintings of Todd Hunter (Australian b. 1972) last week on Verdigris Vie and was immediately drawn them!  Hunter has been described as "an alchemist of form."  His works transcend the need for definition-instead marrying form and abstract lines into a harmonious medley.  The vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes lend an air of confidence and energy-while the inventive titles arouse an element of whimsy in each oil. 

Caravan, oil on canvas

Died Pretty, oil on canvas

Some Summers, oil on canvas

Strange, Strange Skies, oil on canvas

Remember A Time When You Once Used To Love Me, oil on canvas

This Perfect Day, oil on canvas

Simply stunning!

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  1. Ahem, I think someone else brought these to your attention too! Just kidding :)