July 15, 2011

Friday Fave

Between the Gulf Shores vacation and my mom visiting last weekend, I'm still trying to adjust to my everyday schedule...which is much harder said than done!

I thought what better way to get back into the groove then sharing an old favorite by renowned French Impressionist artist Claude Monet.  I was first introduced to Monet-and to this painting-through Cristina Bjork's books Linnea's Almanac - she also wrote Linnea in Monet's Garden.  Not only did it inspire my green thumb, but it also heavily influenced my passion for art.  As a child and now as an adult, I still adore Monet's works.  Each brushstrokes is exquisite and the colors are vivid.  His paintings are alive and breathtaking...even as an image!

Claude Monet (French 1840-1926), The Water Lily Pond, 1899, oil on canvas

Have a wonderful weekend!

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