April 30, 2011

Let there be grass!

When we first moved into our house in January, our entire backyard was COVERED in two seasons of leaves.  Several weekends later, after clearing all the leaves, our yard still looked barren and lonely.  

Finally, after two months of "seed, water, repeat" the lawn was ready for a good mowing - likely the first mow it's had in years.  Very satisfying.  Our dog Charles had his inaugural run to test out the new grass and to claim his new romping ground.

Come on Summer.  We're ready for you.  

April 29, 2011

Friday Fave

I can't wait for the whimsical days of summer!  This painting reminds me of the Potomac on those dreamy, hazy days when the air is thick and sweet.  Ask me in a few weeks and I'll probably be eating my words -- but for now, give me those marvelous summer days.

Charles Rosen (American 1878-1950), Opalescent Morning, ca. 1909, oil on canvas
James A. Michener Art Museum

April 27, 2011

Garden Stools

My sister Alice, from Searching for Style & Alice Blakely Interior Design, first introduced me to garden stools last summer.  Since then I've become absolutely obsessed!

{image via House Beautiful}
{image via House Beautiful}
{image via Searching for Style}
{image via Searching for Style}
{image via Searching for Style}

{image via The Enchanted Home}
{image via Wisteria}
{image via Wisteria}
{image via Wisteria}
{image via Wisteria}
I'm dying to get my hands on one of these enchanting stools.....now if only I could decide which one.....

April 25, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Portraits

In the auction world, portraits tend to have a more decorative connotation....I mean, how much is a portrait of a brother of a woman who may or may not be related to George Washington worth?

Historically important or not, these portraits are transforming my sentiment towards the traditional paintings.  Each work adds heightened elements of grace and refinement to these already beautiful rooms.

 {image via My Notting Hill}

{image via My Notting Hill}

{image via My Notting Hill}

{image via House Beautiful}

{image via My Notting Hill}

{image via Perch}

{image via Velvet & Linen}

{images via My Notting Hill}

Even a pup adds a splash sophistication!

April 22, 2011

Friday Fave

Rae Sloan Bredin (American 1881-1933), After the Rain, 1913, oil on canvas
James A. Michener Art Museum

Happy weekend!

April 21, 2011


Spotted:  new Phil Sandusky NOLA streetscapes at Cole Pratt Gallery!

I've been yearning for a little New Orleans love these past few of weeks.  After exhausting where to find live crawfish around here --I even looked into having them shipped-- these streetscapes will have to indulge me for now!

April 18, 2011

Monday Inspiration

There's nothing I enjoy more than the melding of contemporary art with traditional design.  I love the vibrancy and furious nature of abstract art contrasting with the warmth and historical nature of antiques.

Here is a great example of a traditional den with a vivacious abstract, from Atlanta interior designer Courtney Giles .  The painting was commissioned by a local Atlanta artist Will Kay, son of interior designer Carter Kay.

The lively colors in the work enable the painting to remain the focal point in both versions rooms.  Which do you prefer?

April 15, 2011

Friday Fave

I was at the National Gallery of Art Library yesterday, browsing through Norman Rockwell's catalogue raisonné, doing some research for a client, when I ran across this breathtaking work.  Usually I don't find Rockwell's work to be incredibly moving - maybe it's the commercial aspect or that most of his works are prints.  While reading the introduction to the catalogue, I found it interesting that most of his works were created with the intention of mass reproduction.  The original oil on canvases were not considered important.  Many of his early works have been destroyed or have simply disappeared.  While perusing the vivid color plates of his oil paintings, I was pleasantly reminded what an incredible artist he was.  I was especially taken with this work and his ability to radiate the warmth of the light.  In true Rockwell fashion, he is able to capture a beautiful fleeting moment, the sensation of arriving at a summer soiree and a glimpse into American tradition.

Norman Rockwell (American 1894-1978), And the Symbol of Welcome Is Light (Guests Arriving at Party)
Oil on canvas, 1920
 Edison Mazda Lamp Works, 1920
The Saturday Evening Post,  August 7, 1920

April 8, 2011

Friday Fave

My love for Renaissance art has been renewed!  After studying in Rome for a semester, taking various trips to Florence and Venice and studying only art history, I needed a little break from Italian Renaissance art. Now, five and half years later (WOW), I'm reminded how inspiring and breathtaking the period was.

Here's one of my favorite works by the short-lived High Renaissance Venetian artist Giorgione (Italian 1477/8-1510).

 Giorgione, Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura), 1506
Oil on canvas mounted on panel, 
41 x 34 cm
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Happy weekend!

{image via Web Gallery of Art}

April 7, 2011

Artist Intro: Mary Page Evans

I just discovered a wonderful local  DC plein air artist, Mary Page Evans.  Evans primarily paints landscapes and still lifes, although her studies of figures are fantastic as well!  Her works exude passion and excitement.  I simply adore her use of vivid colors to create depth and space.  I'd love to have one of her beautiful seascapes on my wall!





"When I paint the landscape, I feel like singing." -Mary Page Evans

{images via Mary Page Evans

April 1, 2011

Friday Fave

Bruno Zupan (American b. 1939), Floral Still Life in a Vase

Happy weekend!!

{image via Weschler's}